Good Morning 2017

Hello! (and a belated Happy New Year!)


I hope 2017 has taken off with a bang for you. I know for me personally, this year seems to be supercharged and I’m getting off to a racing start. My focus this time around is to really keep that new energy and momentum going so I can see through those things that I am currently birthing into my life.

Once again, I have spent time considering how I want to feel this year and how I want to show up in the world. I came up with the following words to guide my 2017:


Grounded – Aligned – In love – Expansive


Grounded for me means sinking into, taking care of and reconnecting with my physical body. It also includes feeling at home in my house and city and reconnecting with nature.

Aligned – for me means putting into practice – on a daily basis, things that reflects the life I want to live. It means walking my talk. It means doing things that light me up and make me feel good.

In love – and I do not mean being in love with another person. To me I want to be in a state of love. I do not want to live from a place of lack, fear and insecurity. I do not want to rely on another to make me feel and experience love. So for me this means treating myself with the love and respect I desire. It means treating all others the same way and trying to understand and accept rather than judge and reject. Cos we could all do with a little more love in our lives, am I right??

Expansive – I want to be continually evolving and growing. I desire not be to close minded and shut off from the world. There is always some new thing to be learned or experienced and these new and exciting things give us a zest for life. The more I expand, the more space I hold to invite into my life that which I desire.


I thought about ways in which I can bring these things into my life and as a result I have started – and stuck to! – a morning routine. And it has been a game changer.

Like many of you out there I have heard people preach about the wonders of having a morning routine but have always put it onto the ‘some day’ list. It’s not so much that I’m not a morning person. I love mornings. It’s more that I am not particularly a waking up early kind of person.

Also, the thought of getting up to exercise (my idea of torture) was no motivation for me to set that alarm. So, instead of doing what I thought I should be doing in the morning, I figured out what it is I wanted to do and made that my routine.

For me, mornings are about gently awakening and opening up to the day. It is important for me to set the tone of the day at the start. For too many years, I was simply jumping out of bed at the last possible minute and racing to get ready and run out the door to work. As a result, my days and life would also race by and I would feel like I was running around busy all the time yet not achieving anything I wanted to achieve.

I knew things had to change if I was serious about upping the quality of my life and as they say, it’s how we spend our days that equals how we spend our lives.

In the end I only had to set my alarm 15mins earlier than normal and I take about 20-25minns to compete my morning routine.

It looks a little somethin’ like this:


My alarm goes off at 6:30am.

I take 5 deep breaths into my belly to get the oxygen going and set the tone for my breathing patterns.

Then feeling into my heart I list (at least) 5 things I am grateful for. (Rubbing your palms together helps to activate your heart chakra as does placing hands over your heart area). Often this goes over the 5 things, but it is more important to me to feel the gratitude rather than just list things off. I also try to find new things every day so I don’t go stale.

I then say 5 affirmations 5 times in the mirror. I think I will revisit these each month to see if I want to change them up a bit as I pick things I feel I need help with at that time. For example, at the moment I am working on my worthiness and capability.

Then its stretching out my entire body from my toes to my head – which feels freaking amazing – followed by a minimum of 5 yoga poses. (Have you caught onto the fact that I’ve picked the number 5 and run with it??)

After these I get dressed and ready for work, have a nutritious breakky then head out the door for my day. The beauty is that I have already ticked off my list a heap of things I want to do for my mind and my body, so if something pops up and my afternoon gets busy – I don’t have to stress about skipping my non negotiables.

Ideally I would have a little longer in the morning to add in a quick meditation practice but at this stage I leave that for the afternoon / evenings along with writing, reading, drawing, dancing, walking or anything else I feel inspired to do that day.

By implementing this morning routine, I am able to bring into my life those feelings of being grounded, aligned, in love and expansive. All within 20mins of waking up! Now that’s what I call getting bang for your buck. Starting the day feels so dam good, I want more of it and it has an overflow effect that draws to me other situations that put me into a state of feeling grounded, aligned, in love and expansive all day long.

I absolutely adore my mornings now and could never go back to not having this beautiful ritual to wake up to each day. It will most likely change as my life, needs and desires change but for now this is working for me.

The changes have been fantastic. My mindset has altered. I feel a lot calmer and more in control. Actually, I think it’s more a feeling of being empowered. I am starting to feel that I dictate my life and not the other way around. I feel that I can change my circumstances if I want to and my manifestation game is on point. I decide I want something and boom it shows up.

I also find that I am naturally adding in constant gratitude / prayer throughout the day. I am becoming more compassionate and considerate of others during this practice too. I find now that when someone upsets me or hurts me, that, even though I will still vent about it – I am only human after all – I now find myself praying for them so they can find a way to heal and have more love in their life too. Awwww, isn’t that sweet??

I find that my connection to my own body is growing and I am being so much more nourishing and loving towards it. Also my creativity is expanding at a rapid rate.

I have recently been inspired to write a book – more on this in another post 😉 – but the words are just tumbling out of me. I’m sure it would make absolutely no sense if you were to read it at this stage but I’m just focusing on getting the words on to the paper and then I can tidy it all up at a later stage. I am absolutely loving the writing process and really intend to stick with it and hope to have the book finished by the end of the year!

So as you can see, my January has seen quite the shift in how I live my life. I now show up each day and consciously create the day I want to have. Even though in my ideal world I would be self employed rather than relying on someone else to pay my wages, I know that I am more on track to achieving that goal now than I ever have been before.

Most importantly, I am loving how I spend each and every day of my life doing the things that light me up. I am constantly amazed at the end of each day just how many amazing things I manage to achieve. I used to plan and plan for the future when I could have the time to spend my days doing the things I wanted to. Now, I just do those things. My priority changed to put myself first and life has never been more magical.

I hope you feel the same way about your days, or that you can find a way to make it happen. I would love to hear if you also have a morning routine and what it looks like for you. We are all so different with different needs and wants and what works for one person may not work for another. So don’t feel like you have to conform to the norm, just go with what feels amazing for you.

Until next time..


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