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Good Morning 2017

Hello! (and a belated Happy New Year!)   I hope 2017 has taken off with a bang for you. I know for me personally, this year seems to be supercharged and I’m getting off to a racing start. My focus this time around is to really keep that new energy and momentum going so I… Read more »

Hey there, stranger

It has been some time since I have written on here and I figured it was about time we caught up. There are several reasons for my absence. Firstly, I was at a loss of what to write about. After getting off to a running start, the doubt began creeping in. I started convincing myself… Read more »

Forgive & Forget

To err is human; to forgive, is divine ~ Alexander Pope ~ Forgiveness. How do you react when you hear that word? How do you feel in your body? Do you tense up or open up? Is there a particular person or incident that comes straight to mind? If there is one theme in my… Read more »

Meditation Myths

Meditation and I have an interesting history. Growing up, I thought only of meditation as Zen monks sitting cross legged in mountain caves trying to achieve enlightenment. Great for them, but not really of any use or purpose to those of us forced to live in the real world, right? Actually, meditation can be one… Read more »