Autumn musings

There’s something oddly satisfying about the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot. Each year I find myself walking into the changing of the season with a bounce in my step. The crisp mornings, sun shining and one of the most beautiful display’s nature has to offer with the greens turning to shades of red and gold.

I find my emotions at conflict with each other during this time. Part of me is sad to see leaves falling and trees becoming bare. I know the dark and cold of winter is on its way and I am a lover of all things warm and sunny. However, I also approach this time with a sense of excitement. The beauty of autumn of course plays a major part in this. However, it’s all the little things. Digging out the scarves and jackets in preparation. The knowledge that socks will soon become a staple of your wardrobe again. You begin to accept what little summer tan you managed to obtain will disappear.  You also realise the year is now fully under way and if you don’t really – and I mean really – get stuck into that to do list, then it will be Christmas before you know it and another year will have passed.

Time to check in with ourselves. Perhaps we’ve strayed a little from where we wanted to be by now. Or perhaps it’s time to – just like the trees – start shedding some things from life.  I love how life so often mimics the cycles of nature. We need to let go of the old to make way for the new, but just like the natural world, we need time before the new growth can appear. After the release of autumn, comes the winter in our lives to help us heal. We reflect, we grieve, we contemplate…then ever so slowly a newness comes into being. We nurture it gently and give it the space to grow and the spring arrives with the sun on our face and we know all will be well.

This autumn I find my life changing again. The summer months of my travelling are over and I am settling in for the winter. Into my home. Into a new job. Into regular writing. I am eagerly anticipating the forthcoming hibernation that accompanies the cooler months. Cups of tea on the couch replace lazing by the water. Blankets replace beach towels and we all seem to find ourselves going to bed a lot earlier. A time of inner growth is approaching…who will emerge in the Spring?

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