About Me

Promise to stay wild with me

We’ll seek and return and stay and find beauty and the extraordinary in all the spaces we can claim

We’ll know how to live

How to breathe magic into the mundane

  • ~ Victoria Erickson ~

Hi there,

I’m Jo, and this is the place to be if you are an adventurous soul who thinks life should be magical. The truth is, when I thought about it, I realised that life is made up of a series of adventures.
Whether it is that holiday of a life time, your first love, moving to a new city all alone, or venturing inwards and getting to know yourself, these adventures are the moments that make life so precious.

The times that make us laugh so hard we can’t breathe.

The times we find ourselves on the floor crying, wishing someone would make it all go away.

The times we stand, silent, in awe of what we are seeing

and the times our heart is so full of love we think it will burst.

These moments are what make us the person we are today and continue to shape us into the future as we learn, grow and evolve.
It has always fascinated me that while we all live on the same planet, each individual has within them, a completely unique view, story and experience of the world. We come to have these unique views through the many adventures that make up our life.
And so, filled with fear and doubt, but with hope that my words may inspire, help, entertain and relate, I am here to share with you, the adventures of Jo.

Know about Jo…

I’m a Leo
I love to get my om on and am a trained meditation teacher
I’ve travelled through 27 countries and counting
I’m a lover of all things woo woo (think chakras, crystals, past lives – you get the picture)
I was born and raised on a farm (and you can’t take the country out of the girl)
My favourite colour is rainbow – because how can I just pick one?

Me Paris